Will you print on one side or the two sides of your ID cards?

Some ID card printers just print on one side of a ID card, for the most part alluded to as ‘single-sided’ printers. ID card printers that are fit for imprinting on the two sides of a ID card in a solitary print cycle are likewise alluded to as double sided, or duplex. On the off chance that you might want to print shading or potentially monochrome on the two sides of your ID cards, you will need to choose a double-sided ID card printer.

Will you have to encode an attractive stripe or brilliant ID card?

Attractive stripes are the dull stripe on the back of your ID card or driver’s permit. These stripes store information and are regularly utilized as a part of time and participation or access control applications. All printer producers offer discretionary attractive stripe encoding on at any rate some of their printers. Consider including attractive encoding in advance or select a printer that is upgradeable to attractive encoding later on. Thinking ahead can spare you cash not far off.

On the off chance that you require an ID card to hold more data more safely than an attractive stripe permits, you may pick a keen ID card with a memory chip inserted in the surface. The diminishing expense of savvy ID cards gives even the littlest associations a chance to include memory stockpiling limit. For all intents and purposes all printer producers offer savvy ID card contact stations as an alternative. Since most savvy ID card contact stations can’t be included after the printer has been assembled, we recommend requesting this alternative in advance.

What number of ID cards will you have to print?

In the event that you intend to print numerous ID cards per session or every year, search for a printer that is worked to maintain high volume printing. These printers as a rule incorporate information and yield ID card containers that hold more than 100 ID cards.

How tough do you require your ID cards to be?

Consider an ID card printer that is fit for cover if your ID cards need to last over a year, will be utilized outside or will be liable to chemicals or grating contact. During the time spent cover, a thin clear or holographic defensive layer is clung to the surface of the ID card, ensuring its pictures and data. In the event that you select an overlay able printer, make certain to utilize composite PET/PVC ID cards instead of 100% PVC ID cards. Composite PET/PVC ID cards are intended to confront the warmth created by the cover procedure.

 Do you require visual ID card security?

There are numerous approaches to shield your printed ID cards from fake duplication. One strategy is to use the discretionary cover station that is accessible with numerous mid-to abnormal state ID card printers. On the off chance that you have to secure your ID cards now or later on, consider obtaining a cover proficient printer.

 Will your printer be on a system with the goal that numerous PCs can print to it?

Most ID card printers now come standard with a USB interface. Ethernet availability is accessible on a few ID card printers also. Numerous printers are additionally accessible with a mix of a parallel interface alongside USB and others offer USB with an Ethernet interface. Our ID Professionals can enable you to choose a printer that provides the interface you require.