Smart Application is a collective of independent  applications that is built with barcode technology on Android and Windows mobile.  It enables businesses to perform more effectively and increase productivity without having to pay high prices for these applications.

These applications are able to assist especially small to medium size businesses in automating and improve manual processes such as stock take, assets tracking, printing of tax invoices and more.


Asset Tracking application is designed to tag and track assets using barcodes and mobile computers. It gives an accurate and complete overview of organisation entire assets and enables them to make the right strategic decisions in resource allocation

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Stock issuance involves in issuing stock to a work order or delivery platform. Stock issuance application record items issued correctly to ensure the completeness and correctness of all work orders are fulfilled.

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Stock Put Away involves in moving an items from their receiving location to their designated location. Stock Put Away application designed to perform recording of put away process and move product efficiently.

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An application designed to process goods receiving transaction, ensuring quantity of items received match the purchase order list to reduce potential financial losses.  Stock Receiving is installed on a Mobile Computer with in-built Barcode scanner to validate the PO and products by scanning the Barcode of products during the receiving process.

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Stock Take application is specially designed to verify the quantities of items held in a warehouse. It allows User to use a mobile computer to scan the barcode which can consist a lengthy set of numbers labelled on items as part of the physical stock count.  It assist in improving end-to-end visibility of product positioning, reducing error and cost.

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