Honeywell Solaris 7980g Handsfree Scanner

  • Omnidirectional scanning capability to read smartphone screens, digital wallets and printed identification cards
  • Simple to install, with integrated EAS, power-over-USB, and an auxiliary USB port for scanner connectivity
  • Easy to use, with a capacitive touch button and intuitive LED indicators that face the user
  • Draws Power from Host Through USB or Serial Ports
  • Linear scanner that is upgradeable to a full area-imaging 2D scanner as needed
  • Application: Hands-Free | 1D, 2D | IP5X

For retailers looking to elevate checkout throughput, improve the customer experience, and better execute mobile marketing programs, Honeywell’s Solaris™ 7980g vertical slot scanner is up to the task. With its compact, modern design and powerful imaging capabilities ...Download to read more