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    Desktop Barcode Printer

    Looking for a barcode printer or thermal printer in Malaysia? Whether you are printing asset labels or shipping labels, we have a large selection of Zebra label barcode printers or thermal printer you need for your application, regardless of your business size or environment. Barcode printers are designed for different purposes. Desktop barcode printers are a perfect solution for printing shipping labels, labels for retail applications, asset tracking or small scale labelling operations that require lower print volumes. As one of the major suppliers of barcode printers in Malaysia, we have a range of models from Honeywell and Zebra for you to choose depending on your needs. Find your new barcode printer right here or let us know your requirement so that we can recommend a barcode printer that is suitable for your business!

    Barcode Printer Malaysia – Do You Need Barcode Labels?

    Is it true that you are searching for a barcode printer? At that point you are on the correct page. We offer fantastic barcode printers at reasonable costs. Barcode printers give a conservative technique for making top notch labels, wristbands, tickets, receipts, and barcode labels. They print quick, require more affordable inks and labels, and give top notch prints.

    We offer two sorts of barcode printer in Malaysia. They are thermal transfer and direct thermal barcode printers. You can likewise pick between a desktop and a mobile barcode printer. Finding the correct barcode printer can be challenging on the grounds that there are loads of alternatives accessible.

    Why You Need a Barcode Printer

    While an ink jet, laser, or dot matirx printer might have the capacity to print barcode labels, a barcode printer is better as far as convenience, quality of the labels, and lifetime costs. Barcodes should be exact with regards to spaces, width of bars, and the tranquil zones. On the off chance that the standardized identification is conflicting, or the difference between the dim and light components are inadequate with regards to, at that point the mark won't be perused by the scanner.

    What's more, that is the motivation behind why require a barcode printer for your labelling needs. This kind of barcode printer can print a great many barcode labels at once while keeping up the most elevated quality and sharpness. Furthermore, in light of the fact that the labels are utilized where the items are put away, these barcode printers must have the capacity to withstand harsher conditions than the run of the mill office.

    What to Look for in a Barcode Printer

    When searching for a barcode printer, you should first decide the volume you have to print at once. It is safe to say that you will print in clusters or at whatever point they are required? You ought to likewise consider the span of the barcode labels. Another factor to consider is the nature of the print. Do you require the barcodes to keep going for quite a while, or is it approve for them to blur over some undefined time frame?

    Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal Barcode Printer?

    Thermal transfer and direct thermal barcode printers have their own points of interest and inconveniences. Fortunately the two sorts of thermal barcode printers can switch between single name and group printing. Direct thermal barcode printers are more easy to use and don't require extra supplies, for example, toner, strip or ink. In any case, direct thermal barcode printers are sensitive to light and heat.

    Then again, thermal transfer barcode printers give enduring picture. They are additionally solid in both office and modern applications. Be that as it may, thermal transfer barcode printing can be more costly on the grounds that you have to replace ribbons after some time.

    These are the things you have to think about barcode printers. Peruse through the items on this page to recognize what's accessible available. Simply try to pick the correct one that suits your prerequisites and requirements. What's more, in the event that you require any assistance, contact us for the best barcode printer supplier in Malaysia . We will gladly answer your enquiries.